Friday, June 28, 2019

What is Microwave Synthesis System?

The innovative concept of microwave synthesis system has revolutionized large scale batch and parallel reactions. Molecules go through excitation with electromagnetic radiation. This effect it used in microwave ovens at home to heat up food. Chemists have only recently started using microwaves as a reaction methodology. Because the first examples produced great results, scientists explored the possibility of microwave-accelerated synthesis.  Microwave radiation is converted into heat with a great amount of efficiency, so this type of heating becomes possible at ambient pressure.

To begin with, this state of the art system has easy scale up. In other words, high microwave power density and great stirring allows the same conditions developed for small scale reactions to be imitated. In addition, this process allows for faster screening. Several reactions can simultaneously be carried out under the same temperature and pressure conditions. Microwave synthesis can be done faster and cleaner with minimized solvent consumption as a more environmentally safe process.  Finally, there is easy sampling which allows convenient sample reaction products that can be done during any part of the experiment.   The largest microwave cavity combined with the highest microwave power and best reaction control is what is what makes the microwave synthesis system so unique. It also has a built in exhaust system that acts as a small fume hood. The outer surface of the reactors gives a systematic removal of vapors from the cavity of the microwave. Another benefit is that it’s easier to work up and the products are purer. There is up to 15 high pressure vessels that are used at the same time to parallel synthesize. There are both single reaction chamber technology and also flexible microwave synthesis platform. There are many benefits to microwave synthesis, such as high-throughput productivity, small scale research, high temperature and pressure parameters as well as larger-scale possibilities.  Microwave technology is ever changing the way to optimally design the synthetic systems.;area=forumprofile;u=1014520

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