Thursday, May 30, 2019

Microwave Ashing System

The experts at QTech Corp have developed a revolutionary microwave ashing system, the QAsh 1800. This ashing system is capable of performing sample ashing processes up to 97% faster than traditional furnaces. The system is designed keeping in mind the convenience of the analysts, and reduces the exposure of the operator to the fumes and heat emitted during the process. It features a built-in exhaust system and does not need to be placed in a fume hood.

QAsh 1800
Even today, many laboratories rely on muffle furnaces or electronic furnaces for ashing. These conventional systems do not just take hours per run, but also consume large amount of energy when in use. Moreover, they diffuse the heat and odour produced during the process, which makes the lab environment uncomfortable for the personnel to work in.

The QAsh 1800, on the other hand, completes the process within just minutes, giving the analysts more time to perform their research. It is carefully designed to ensure safety and comfort, and minimizes the operator’s contact with the fumes, heat and odour.

igh efficiency and functionality of QAsh has helped in improving quality control and productivity in many labs. Have a look at our breakthrough microwave ashing system below, and download the brochure for details.

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